Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Be in Sight

I will love you with all my might
Never go away from my sight
I will make everything go right
Please don't add to my plight

Be the beauty in my life's dome
let the bygones be bygone
I will keep loving you through night
Just don't disappear from my sight

I can feel the chill in the summer
I can see that lame runner
Like a bird you may fly
Taking my love far far away

I promise I would always love you
Let me for always be your beau
I don't want to lose you even in dream
For life be my flower be my cream

Never go away from my sight
For you make my life so bright
I always lived trough the dark shades
Never ever seen beyond a spade

For your love ends all my plight
Please always be in my sight
Never ever go away to ad agony
Play with me the music of life's Symphony

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