Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We need to deal with it

We need to deal with it 
but need to understand 
the efforts required
the way to collaborate

Now that government is stable
we expect them to perform
we want the to get some reforms
we need to deal with it

So what if they promised
we need to witness their actions
we need to go through their agenda
we need to deal with their priorities

Why O Why do we have to 
deal with this time and again
every 5 years we face that tone
every 5 years we need to deal with it
...............................yet again

1 comment:

Freddie said...

No more rigmarole every 5 years. Now that the Congress is dead and buried once and for all, good days are here to stay.

Give them time and u will notice a 180 deg turnaround.
Patients , my friend, patients.