Monday, October 21, 2013


I am literally broke today
trying to fix my broken heart
I am literally begging today
trying to fix my lost life
Dunno where did I lose it
Dunno where did I misplace it
But the piece of life
the one with Peace written on it
Is missing from the deck
Dunno if I bought the wrong life
Dunno if Destiny's used its knife
But I am not able to find
the one with Love written on it
I am literally shattered today
I am literally broke
I have no aim in life
I lost that passion to live
Your love was my direction
But I lost that direction today
Your love my strength to live
But I lost my strength today
I am lone in this world of souls
I have not one to fix my life
Today I denounce the world for you
Today I have nothing to gain
With your love gone from my life
I am no one's & no one's mine
I denounce the life & the world
For you to live your life....
The way you wish to live.....

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