Monday, March 25, 2013

Keep up with Your Smile

You are my life you are my love
You are my darling dove
What I do, I do to please you
Where ever I live I think of you

You make the world for me
You make a complete to say we
Without You I don't know to survive
Without You I don't know to live

You bring that smile to my face
You make me feel winner in life's race
You are my life, you are my love
You are my last hope my dove

I would go places to make you smile
I would do chores to fill your file
I would love to see your happiness
Just pardon at times my clumsiness

Few things that I need to gather
Few time I need to collect flying feathers
But for you I would swim against the tide
Just hold me tight during that rough ride

Waters may be shallow to swim at times
But with your laugh make it like rhymes
For me to organize things may take a while
But All I need you to do is to always smile


Freddie said...

Wt did u do? LOLZZZ

Freddie said...

U notty boy.. LOLZZZ