Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Mob - Just Knows to Blow the Cob

Sitting in the Comfort of my Home
I was looking at the distant Dome
Form this Distance I could not make out
What was it what they wanted to Carve Out

Morning when I woke up from the sleep
Reading the news, my breadth stuck-in deep
I popped out in the balcony
Trying to look all Alchemy

The Dome was all shattered
Ruthlessly it was battered
Then I came to know
They were trying to make the Dome bow

What a shame to the society it is
Killing the holy person called priest
They go blind when they turn in mob
Zombie they become to blow the cob

The mob that forms known no boundary
For them everyone is just a sundry
They don't realize what they start
For they just tear own soul & body apart

The Mob doesn't follow any religion or faith
They just love to suck out the last breadth
They just close their eyes and Walk free
Only to end Civilization and LIfe's Spree

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