Sunday, July 15, 2012

O'God Help Me

Get me through this
O'God get me out of this 
It is suffocating me to death
O'God I can see the hell
I can now feel like hell
O'God, please get me out of this

The life today looks like a prison
Days pass with a blur vision
I don't understand the reason
For my life treating me with this treason
O'God, get me out of this
Please get me out of the hell it is

I wish to feel the scorching heat of summer
I wish to feel the chilling winter
I want to dance in the water droplets of rain
But life today witnesses that pain
The pain that dried tears
The pain that realized all the fears

O'God help me get through this 
O'God help me get over with this
Please help me get over with my pain 
Please help me get over with my tear's rain
O'God help me out of this hell
Please help me get out of this hell....


Freddie said...

Wt the hell..
Wts got into u?
Some sort of a depression?

Mayank said...

Ha ha, dada, kabhi to Lyrics ke baare mein kuchh likha karo. I read Nishant's status and converted those lines to these Lyrics :p