Sunday, November 6, 2011

P.S. - Forget that You Knew Me

When I look around myself
What I miss the most is you
What I want the most is you
What I want to do is hug you

But when I open my eyes
You are gone by far and away
I can't see you hair that sway
I can't see the smile all my way

What I find is my solitude
All I see you at that altitude
Someplace I can't reach ever
A peak I can climb never

So high is your status in my sight
It would take forever of my might
The Best that we can do now
Is that give into Destiny and Bow

Bow to the reality and fate
Close that window & that gate
The Gate that blocks out path
To seal the the after math

What I would request with me on my Knee
Please Forget that You Knew Me

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