Sunday, October 23, 2011

Devil of Destiny

Destiny keeps one mesmerized
It always keep thee surprised
When thee feel things are going fine
Everything in life is up for the shine
There comes the twist and turn
Leaving behind the pain to churn

The pain that thy feel in thy soul
The twist that thy cry for foul
Cry to call it to be creator's writing
Cry to point his want for you to be writhing
Thy feel that pressure of the situation
Thy get to the height of frustration

The Devil of Destiny disturbs thy life
Thy feel the wound deep by its knife
The wound that keeps reeling
Blood oozes from it and makes thee kneeling
Thy kneel to the pressure of Destiny
Thy surrender to the fate by Destiny

Time that thee understand thy control
Time that thee put thy mind to patrol
Thee can control thy Destiny with Actions
Actions that are not part of any fictions
Thee can control thy present and future
Thee can be always positive by nature

Look up and talk to the God
Visit thy past and give it a thought
Meet thy God that reside in thy heart
Make him fill changes to thy life's cart
Thee have to act and control thy Future & Life
Thee have to play to possess Destiny's Knife

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