Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Effects of Demonetization

Some call it demonization
Some call it normalization
When I looked at it
It seemed to be Demonetization

That was the day to remember
When color of money became amber
Though it was black of white
With recall it lost its shine

Jobs were lost expenses were tight
Make ends meet was tough to abide
Forecasts were dim
For money was everyone's plight

ATMs ran dry without any cash
Still hoarders could have it stashed
Raids unearthed huge chunk of money
It seemed like beehives loaded with honey

Still there seems to be no reprieve
Common man has to still grieve
Jobs were lost, markets were slow
Lack of money had that hard blow

Mismanagement is some called as culprit
Size of note was also identified as misfit
But the biggest case was of back channel
That proved to be a pretty nice canal

Money flowed, it flowed to agents
No, it didn't flow to the real claimants
Road to hell it did become
Demonetization was not that welcomed

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