Sunday, October 31, 2010

Its Not Perfect When I Think it is!!!

When I met you the first
my throat was dry not from thirst
though I liked the way you looked
never liked the way your words spooked
As we met again and I knew you a day
you appearance changed to pave the way
your thoughts and your words
came to my ears as chirping birds
I thought may be I was wrong
liked those lyrics of friendship song
But I guess I was wrong
the distance between us hit the gong
I miss your voice and your words
may be that's the wish from the lords
looking down the way I miss
the warm hug and the sweet kiss
May be I need to change the way I think
to understand times' beautiful wink
that we met as we were destined
where your beauty turned me blind
I now need to open my eyes
my ears must hear the byes
Byes coming from your message
though it hurts like estrange

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