Monday, July 20, 2009

Your Love for me

When I think about you today
I don't see you walking the way
they way that leeds to me
and it poses questions for thee

When I think of you love
it frames a picture of dove
who can't be separated
who can't be deserted

But is it the same feeling
it is the thought that's reeling
in your mind too
for us to be inseparable two

When I think of you today
I don't find you the same way
I miss the way you loved me
there is the question for thee

I can't think other than you
do you think the same way I do
I am unable to understand
where in your life I stand

There is so much to resolve
it is a puzzle I'm trying to solve
its your love for me
that's raising questions for thee

No one can help me when I dwindle
its only you who can solve this riddle
waiting for an answer from thee
as its the question on your love for me

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