Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dead Relations - Bury them to move on

Relations often get us tangled

Tangled in the web of to do or not

Tangled in the web of dilemma

Tangled in the web of good or bad

Relations often die for load of expectations

Expectations of families

Expectations of friends and peers

Expectations of the parties involved

Now when we are tangled in the Dead relations

What should we do

As we can’t carry the load on our back


We can’t move ahead with the load on

Though its better said then done

But, we got to do it more often

Bury the mummies of dead relations

Torch the remains of them

And Move forward

Thoughts and memories are something

Those are hard to forget

But then memories get buried on their own

And hurt less than a dead relation

So it’s better to bury the dead relation

And move on with life to life

With memories

Good or Bad they may be

1 comment:

yaz said...

Maybe that is the best course to take but then again as you said it yourself, easier said than done!. Still with the help of friends for those of us who are not that strong on their own as in now, friends could make a difference in lightening the load and maybe making it possible to bury them and move on OR make a miracle happen!!